According to the latest numbers, there are nearly 6,000 people living on the streets in King County, and Seattle has the third highest homeless population of any major city in the nation. While that number may seem daunting, I firmly believe the problem can be solved through proper policy and leadership.

I am the only candidate who has met with homeless advocates that have proven results in dealing with the issue. And I was the first candidate to go out with the Union Gospel Mission’s “Search and Rescue” unit on the streets of Seattle. I have met the homeless, fed them, and listened to their stories.


With Union Gospel Mission Search and Rescue

Under my leadership, we will partner with successful private organizations like Vision House, Mary’s Place, and The Union Gospel Mission. We will provide safe shelter, and all of the services necessary for people to get off drugs, get an education, find a job, and become healthy, self-sustaining productive members of our community. And those services will be the best in the nation.

If people choose not to take advantage of those programs and continue to break the law, they will go to jail. Because a compassionate society does not allow its citizens to live under bridges, shoot heroin, and slowly kill themselves. And it most certainly doesn’t enable them to do so through city sanctioned homeless camps, or taxpayer funded “safe” injection sites.

Our children have the right to play in parks without the fear stepping on dirty needles. Our business owners have the right to come to work without having to clean up human feces from their doorways. And all of our citizens deserve a path not just to survival, but to prosperity.