Greg Hamilton’s Seattle roots run deep. Born at Group Health Cooperative in downtown Seattle, he was raised in a 900-square-foot house in West Seattle where he attended school at EC Hughes and Our lady of Guadalupe.

His father worked at the Rainier Brewery and was a flight instructor with Galvins at Boeing Field. His mother retired from Group Health. Greg’s Grandfather and his uncles worked at Crowley Marine, the Seattle Police Department and Boeing.

A small business owner, Greg’s first enterprise — InSights Training Center — was established 25 years ago and today is one of the nation’s largest private providers of responsible self-defense training. His newest venture, Freyr Farms, is an extension of his interest in sustainable agriculture at the local level. Through Freyr Farms Greg raises threatened Heritage breed animals in a natural environment, he also keeps backyard chickens, a vegetable garden and is an apprentice beekeeper. He’s a volunteer Master Gardener and Livestock Advisor for Washington State University and teaches others the enjoyment of raising and growing food for themselves and their family. Greg’s hobbies — mountaineering and scuba diving — take full advantage of Seattle’s world-class, amazingly-diverse environment. Greg’s fiancée, Madison, is also a Seattle native. Madison is a nursing student who plays in the Cascade Symphony Orchestra. She shares Greg’s passion for beekeeping, gardening and raising animals and is a long-time volunteer scuba diver at the Seattle Aquarium.

Greg has served nearly two decades as Green Beret and Army Ranger. The mottos of those elite units –“Sua Sponte” and “De Oppresso Liber” — mean “of their own accord” (volunteers) and “to liberate the oppressed”; both of which define Greg’s personality and life’s mission. These leadership attributes and hard-won experiences are unique in the field of candidates seeking positions of Seattle leadership.

A pragmatic, results-oriented person, Greg’s mission is to Save Seattle, to restore and enhance safety and prosperity for all Seattle taxpayers. Greg believes our city’s culture is under threat and that the path forward must be based on all citizens having and voicing their visions of our shared future. Seattle cannot move forward unless the influence of powerful special interests is reduced and its leaders renounce corrosive identity politics. Seattle government must restore faith in its ability to efficiently match finite resources with clearly-defined, prioritized programs. Seattle was known for its beauty, the quality of life enjoyed by all of its residents and the flourishing of its commercial enterprises be they corporate, family or individually-owned.

Today, that is no longer the case. But it can be again. Greg Hamilton has the vision, discipline and unmatched experience needed to lead Seattle into the future built on its unique attributes: our superb natural environment, our history of inclusiveness and innovation and the talent and spirit of our citizens.

Greg looks forward to leading this city to a new and better future.